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Day Six – Through the Looking Glass

My Perspective Project

I’m an artist/explorer that can’t seem to stay with just one project at any one time, if I’m not creating something I’m stifled, sometimes because I have so many ideas I can’t decide anything. So when I started reading about this 365-day project, I thought what a great way to corral my creative energy instead of running in 20 different directions. But what to do? The parameters are broad, I could choose any medium, or a mix, any subject, any project. For example, I love owls. I love trees. I could have created a tree or owl every day, but who has room for 365 creations? I’m already a “border hoarder” … we don’t need, much less have the room, for any new collections. So I gravitated towards the one project I do keep up with – constantly – photography, and hard drive space is plenty. Still, I had to narrow the project down.

How the “What Is It?!?” Project Began

I love macro photography and I love taking what I call “artsy fartsy” shots. Sometimes I’d end up with pictures that turned out beautiful, but not easily identifiable. So I’d have some fun on Facebook and post these types of pictures, asking “do you know what this is?” The answers were usually hilarious and folks actually liked these shots! At one point I had that Eureka! moment and realized this was exactly the project I wanted. Not only would it help hone my photography skills (especially in that ultra close-up and personal perspective) but it would make me find creative ways of looking at ordinary objects and capturing them in photographs. Instead of taking realistic photos (.i.e, here’s a tree, you know it’s a tree, it’s apparent it’s a tree) I’m setting up the shot to purposely not make it look like it’s supposed to (i.e., it might look like a fish, skin, snake, moldy food, etc., but it’s really just bark on a tree).

What Is It?!?


Do you know what this is? Take a guess!

Yesterday’s Picture – What Was That?!?

Imagine my delight when I discovered a bucket full of stained glass, the inspiration for yesterday’s mystery picture – a sideway view of stained glass.

What's Your Perspective?

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