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Day Seven – Taking it Out of Context

Today I’m reminded of that old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees …” as I am taking away the big picture and focusing only on the minute details. If you see the forest, you know it’s full of trees, but focus on a thumbnail worth of bark on one tree and you lose the forest.

Sometimes patterns or details appear where I never saw them before, especially taking items out of context. …

… taking the tree out of the forest. 🙂

What Is It?!?Image

So can you tell what this is? This was a fun challenge today capturing this image! What is it?!?

What Was That?!? (Yesterday’s picture)

Yesterday’s inspiration suggestion was to use a collection of anything, and I was drawn to our cache of gemstones we found on a mining excursion/trip to Dahlonega, Georgia. Gemstones are beautiful no matter how you look at them, and especially close up!


This is a different perspective of the gemstones that I posted yesterday.

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