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Day Eight – From My Mind’s Eyes

I’ve been playing with cameras ever since I was a teenager, originally trying to capture what I call “green days” that occurred now and then when we lived by a lake. We had a catwalk (bridge) going from the driveway to our front door, surrounded by masses of bamboo and a creek, my view was from the second story loft, and several decades later I really miss that vista.

No matter where I am or where I go my mind seems to frame everything for a picture. Sometimes I set out not having any idea what I’m going to photograph. Such was today – I call that true exploration. Looking for vistas that aren’t there until you create them.

I hope you enjoy today’s “what is it?!?” picture.
What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture
Yesterday’s picture was inspired by a nice juicy lemon. The photograph was a macro of the pulp.


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