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Day 12 – Getting Lost in the Details

No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye. ~Elizabeth Bowen, The House in Paris, 1935

Details, details. The subjects of my latest pictures are all about the details, the things that you don’t see, can’t see, unless you focus and look. Really look. And in this case, focus the camera lens. I was a lucky girl today, free time to explore in my own yard, and almost immediately, I spotted a late-blooming Copper Canyon Daisy with a tiny bug hovering. I go to take a picture and it’s gone. Shoot! But I look again and it’s back, and snap, snap, snap, closer, closer, closer, oh heck, I might as well just sit down right here on the ground and visit. The bug allowed me to do just that and get so close I could see the very fine details in its wings … even the colors, almost rainbow-like, that glimmered depending on which way the wings were pointed. Not sure exactly what species, but it appeared to be a very small hornet, wasp, something like that. I got to see all of those very details we don’t get to see if we just pass a flower without really looking. The vivid patterns on its back, the funky looking eyes, those beautiful wings.

So even though this isn’t a mystery what is it?!? picture (as you can obviously see the entire bug, not just a portion), here’s a mystery “I don’t know what kind of bug it is” picture.

… don’t worry, I’m still posting today’s what is it?!? picture after … 🙂




And now, for today’s what is it?!? picture! Can you figure out the picture below? Leave a comment to take a guess.

What Is It?!?

What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture

Yesterday’s picture was inspired by some flower petals that had dropped from an arrangement on my dining room table. I was drawn into the details of the pattern on the petals. There were so many pictures that I liked from this particular photo shoot. Here’s another perspective of that lily flower.


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