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Day 33 – Flash Frozen Brain Cells (Now How’s That for a Title?!?)

Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates

When a girl has had a hard week (oh my goodness, yesterday I was left brain numb at the end of the work day), it’s time for some retail therapy. So before I go on my little shopping extravaganza (and get super bundled up because it’s really cold in Tallahassee, Florida today), I will post today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture. My muse beckoned and I answered the call!

What Is It?!?

ImageWhat Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 32)

I’ll tell you first what it wasn’t: ice cubes, Ginger Ale, beer, the rim of a light bulb, or a paint brush handle. Yesterday’s picture was of a miniature glass mug; I was inspired by the sunlight reflecting off the bottom of the glass from the sunset.

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