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Day 65 – It’s a Mystery

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. – Albert Einstein

Some days I know exactly what I want to photograph, I have an idea of what to write, and can whip out a blog post in minutes.

Today isn’t one of those days. So today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture’s introduction is short and sweet. Here it is, do you know? Can you guess?

What Is It?!?


What What That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 64)

Was it granite or marble? No. What about frost or broken glass? Not that either. A crater or volcanic ash? Great guess. But no. How about floor glue or caulking putty? No. Would I be so sneaky to use the same type of picture two days in a row?

You bet! Yesterday’s picture was of another gemstone. When I was photographing it and examining it closely, it looked like water splashing out of ice to me. Unfortunately, I don’t know what type of gemstone. Here’s a different perspective. 🙂


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