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Day 67 – This Is Not the Droid You’re Looking For

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. – Yoda

I’m from the original generation of Star Wars fans, but my husband is the ultimate fan; he’s built his own Stormtrooper outfit (he’s part of the 501st Legion), created himself as Darth Paul (with the creepy contact lenses and all), and his latest, greatest invention, which took quite a long time (but not as long as building his own telescope), and also occupies a good portion of our living room (and kitchen nook, where created), is the subject of yesterday’s picture. That image was part of the LED lights on Paul’s R2D2, the droid from Star Wars. Actually, I think it’s pretty awesome that we have a moving, speaking, lit up, better-than-the-original R2D2 from the movie. After all, this one moves on its own (by remote control), requires no actor inside. The only thing he doesn’t do, unfortunately, is vacuum my house. Paul was my inspiration for this picture, he even suggested using R2D2 as a subject to see if people could guess what it was if taken out of context.

Anyway, R2D2 is interesting to look at with so many pieces and parts; however, that dome and color of blue is so iconic, I knew there was an inherent risk of some folks knowing exactly what yesterday’s image was, and I was correct. Most Star Wars geeks (fanatics?) could spot it just as a thumbnail, but I thank them all for not exposing the droid! Now imagine R2D2 beeping. Cute, eh?

Okay, today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is not the droid you are looking for. 🙂 It’s not of a robot or droid. But what is it? Can you tell. Do you know?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 66)

How many people can say that they have an actual R2D2 droid/robot roaming their houses? My hubby, Paul, spent well over a year constructing his own R2D2, building a lot of his own parts, I really admire him for creating something so complex without a kit or instruction book or anything like that. The image from yesterday was a part of the LED lights on R2D2’s dome.

The only guess made was braille for a cell phone, but also had a couple comments of “whatever it is, it looks interesting.” And indeed, it is!


I took this picture when Paul was almost finished with R2D2. He was my test subject while using my backdrop for the first time.

… beep beep beep R2D2 noises

4 thoughts on “Day 67 – This Is Not the Droid You’re Looking For”

  1. Oh ha! Zach loves Star Wars, Star Trek too. I swear my son was born in the wrong decade lol. Hmm, today’s is hard to tell, the only thing it reminds me of is one of Zach’s Lego’s, except for the other holes in it….


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