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Bella Luna


Photograph of Bella Luna, captured March 21, 2013 11:44 p.m. using my 90mm telescope as the lens to my camera.

4 thoughts on “Bella Luna”

    1. THANK YOU! Prime focus. This was the first time I used my Canon 5D Mark II as the camera (usually use my 1.6x Canon T1i). It was much more difficult focusing without the moon taking up the entire frame, so I plan on going back to the T1i next time (maybe tonight if I can bear the cold, yes, it’s COLD in Florida right now!).


  1. Florida…..cold?…..hahahaha. Ok, I guess it would be if you are used to the warmth. It has been the warmest here since early December. Thermometer hit 43 Degrees. Suppose to be in the 50’s this weekend 😀
    Guess I can start wearing short sleeve shirts soon?!.
    Does your scope track?.


    1. For these pictures I used just a tripod but yes, my scope can track. My hubby also has a telescope that tracks (Meade 10″ LX200). We are considering a go-to mount as we both want to explore the heavens more! It was 33 degrees here today, yet 86 on Sunday. More cold weather to come. But not as cold as Vermont!


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