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Day 93 – Groovy Bubbles

Leap, and the net will appear. – John Burroughs

Being a photographer, I take many, many pictures, and so far, this year, I’ve captured more images and memories than ever (trust me, it takes a lot of shots to get *the* shot for these daily pictures). But my photography life is now two distinct living projects: the macro photography for this “What Is It?!?” blog and what I now refer to as “normal” photography, such as landscapes, wildlife (my kid & hubby included), family events. and so on.

Finding the time to go through all of these photos, my oh my! So thank goodness for corporate-wide hour-long conference calls. Seriously!

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture was taken during a “normal” photography session, it did not start off as a macro picture, nor was it ever intended. It just happened. There’s just something so delicate and whimsical about the feel of this image, especially with the cyan coloring applied. Will it be a giveaway? Or will it stump you? I guess we’re about to find out …

What Is It?!?


What Was That? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 92)

Yesterday’s picture was a prop that I thought of, and was inspired by a previous guess of “the outside of a colored Easter egg.” First, I will tell you all of the guesses that were made: Palmolive, shampoo, dew, pollen, aloe, bottle of Sprite, some oily substance (you’re onto something), Simply Green cleaner, infused cooking oil of some sort (Olive) (well, you could say it’s infused oil but not with what you’d think), or a lava lamp. It was Gail’s guess of food coloring that rang the ding, ding, ding bell. Actually, what you saw was a mixture of oil and dyed water, which I then shook in a clear bowl and took pictures of. It was the colored Easter egg guess that made me think, “hmmm, what if I took some of this leftover Easter egg dye and mixed it with some oil?”  Pretty groovy bubbles.


9 thoughts on “Day 93 – Groovy Bubbles”

  1. Well it just with the coloring and the shadowing it reminds me of an x-ray, but I’m going to with blades of grass on this one. And if that’s not it then I got nothin else. 😀


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