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Day 96 – It’s All Fringe to Me

Learning never exhausts the mind. – Leonardo da Vinci

What a glorious day! The sun is shining, birds singing (they’re ultra happy with me since I filled up their bird feeders), a gentle breeze, and it’s not overly hot. In just a few days, or perhaps tomorrow, the heat and humidity will make being outside unbearable. So I’m putting up with the pollen (that has coated everything once again, that’ll teach me for washing the cars!) and enjoying the great outdoors. I’ve even picked up my paint brushes and paints, not that I’m a great painter, but practice does make one better.

Just like taking these mystery “what is it?!?” photographs! Today’s subject called out to me, said “hey, look at me closely!” So I did, and now it’s your turn to guess what this is. Do you know?

What Is It?!?

20130406-2013_04_06_4542What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 95)

Funny, sometimes I post photographs that I think y’all will figure out right away, and you don’t. Other times, I post pictures that I’m sure will never be guessed, and one or two guesses later, I’m ringing the “ding ding ding” winner bell! Go figure. Such was the case with yesterday’s picture. It still remains a mystery! But not lacking guesses, oh yes indeed, there were bunches. Let’s go down the list: rope, floor mat, woven basket, sweater, weaved rug, rope (again), hair (I think it looks like Barbie hair), Chianti bottle wrap, yarn, beach bag, woven hat, wicker seat, woven blinds, soft rope, covered cork board, trivet, belt, bookmark tassel, part of a sandal, Berber carpet, and a re-useable bag. Looks like so many different things!


So here’s the reveal! Yesterday’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture was inspired by a pretty pillow with braided fringe. Yes, what you saw was a close-up of the braided fringe. 🙂

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