Day 104 – Puddle-Wonderful Day

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful. – e. e. cummings

Gentle drops of rain making music on the tin roof of my porch, I am one mellow girl right now. We oh-so-need this rain just to rinse off all of the pollen from our ever-continuing spring (which started in late January and still hasn’t stopped, normally Tallahassee, Florida, is one sweltering sauna by mid-April). Today is indeed puddle-wonderful!

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is ready for you to guess. Got any ideas?

What Is It?!?

20130404-2013_04_04_4537What Was That? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 103)

Aha! Another picture that went unidentified, even by Gail! And one of the most unusual guesses ever …

Was it lettuce? No, not lettuce. Watermelon? Not watermelon. How about another “drinking” glass? No, you don’t drink out of this. Cabbage and corned beef? Yum! But no. Grass? Not grass. Algae? Not algae either.  And now for that most unusual guess, kudos for the creativity by “Anonymous 123456789101112” for the following:

“It has to be Disodium Guanylate, captured by a scanning tunneling microscope at 462 degrees kelvin with a variable annuity of (401) k. In other words, a symbiotic gastrocular anatomy of a lactonomic trudel amplified at 30 knots through highly densified einsteinium, paralelled with boron.”

How did you know?!?


BAZINGA! Just kidding. What you saw yesterday was a glass votive candle holder, with gorgeous streaks of colors. I turned it upside down and photographed from that angle. I was inspired by the patterns and vivid colors … and the challenge to remove that “glass” reflective look!

Here’s a different perspective.



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