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Day 112 – One Huge Dream

Everybody’s a dreamer. – John Lithgow

I’ve got a dream, a big dream – to have a house clear of the clutter, so my muse and I can run around free. But wait …  (imagine the sound of a screeching record album) … if I wasn’t a “border hoarder,” I wouldn’t have so many things to capture in mystery “what is it?!?” pictures. So perhaps my family’s untidy house helps me? (Yeah … right.) Did I ever tell you that I’m really good at rationalization? 🙂

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture was inspired by its colors. What once was hidden now grabs my eye, I grab the camera, and the magic happens. Do you have any clue? Do you know?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 111)

I have to admit there was a very subtle clue for yesterday’s mystery picture. Your key word was “necessity.” Now before I tell you how that clue related to the subject, I’ll first let you know what it wasn’t. A metal piping tip for frosting, although I can see it resembling that.

Okay, back to “necessity.” I needed this item, meaning it’s a tool. Does it look like the tip of a screwdriver? Yes indeed, that’s a different way of looking at a Phillips screwdriver head.



10 thoughts on “Day 112 – One Huge Dream”

  1. OK! How about a muffin or cake left over from St. Patty’s day…stuff growing on them?

    Can’t believe I missed the screwdriver and have been a mechanic for over forty years. The tip looked really familiar but the color was screwing with my head. :).


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