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Day 121 – The Squirrel and the Stolen Golf Ball

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. – Tom Wilson

Have you ever smiled so much that the sides of your face hurt? What a good problem to have, eh? (My use of “eh” stems from the fact that I work for a Canadian company, just so y’all (Southern form of “you all”) don’t get confused about where I live.) Smiling is good for the soul! And this blog has certainly given me lots of smiles, or rather, y’all have given me reason to smile. The guesses, wonderful comments, follows, and likes spur my motivation to continue with these mystery pictures. So thanks y’all! 🙂

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture hasn’t even been taken today. I guess I better figure out my subject, eh? As my son would say, BRB (that’s “be right back”). Alright, we’re ready! Do you know the mystery subject? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 120)

You know how every picture has a story? One of yesterday’s guesses really drove that point home. Indeed, every picture tells a story … but before we get to that, I’ll tell you what yesterday’s subject looked like to others: a golf ball or a lamp or lamp stand. Alas, this subject is neither. But Terry wins points for the most clever story ever told behind a guess:

“golf ball in the late afternoon sun…………. this particular ball is famous for having been stolen by a squirrel on a golf course. The squirrel took it home and kept it for several days until he realized that it was not as valuable as he thought. He returned it in the dead of night and shed a tear where no one could see. Another dream destroyed. He lacked the will to go on.”

What a great story! Even though the poor squirrel lacked the will to go on (that is kind of sad, eh?). Alas, yesterday’s subject wasn’t a golf ball. So what was it? A small copper planter.


35 thoughts on “Day 121 – The Squirrel and the Stolen Golf Ball”

      1. Didn’t think so, but it came to mind when looking at it, that and a grate of some kind too…but not sure what it actually is lol


  1. It’s a vintage cheese grater which Doris found in a junk shop in Prague. It had been there for some time. The owner did not remember buying it so it must have come with the shop when he bought it and that was back in the 1930s. Doris was intrigued. She took it to a dealer who specialised in cheese graters. It meant a trip to Paris but she had an itch that needed scratching so Paris it was going to be. The dealer said he needed a bit of time so she left it with him and came back the next day. She could tell that he was trying to contain his excitement. The grater was a prototype, hand made by the inventor of the cheese grater, Henri Le Clerk.

    It was priceless!

    Le Clerk was driven to invent the cheese grater because his wife was sick and tired of scraping her fingers on the sandpaper that everyone used to grate cheese before the invention of the cheese grater.
    Le Clerk never got around to putting a patent on the cheese grater. Like Howard Florey who developed penicillin, and Jonas Salk who developed the polio vaccine, he simple gave it to the world.

    His wife was proud of him and that was enough to make him happy.


    1. That was a wonderful story! Glad to see you came up with something so creative and inventive (pun intended). I’ll never look at the back of my chair in the same way ever again. Or my cheese grater! Absolutely wonderful. Thank you! 🙂


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