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Say Your Name: Schelley

Can you spell that?

I’ve always said that my mom must have really wanted me to be a good speller considering she named me “Schelley.” Think about having to spell that name correctly in Kindergarten! I’m convinced that’s why I did turn out to be a great speller, walking dictionary that I am.


I was recently asked by a fellow blogger, whose last name is Schell, how often did people ever spell my name correctly? Ha! I replied that not even the school I attended Kindergarten-12th grade could get it right! My BFF from high school told her daughter that if she wanted to get on my good side, to make sure she spelled my name correctly! (Which she did, by the way.)

So apparently, spelling Schelley is no easy feat. Sometimes reading it aloud isn’t either (think of Schelley being pronounced as “school.”) No, I’m not Skelly, I’m Schelley. Yes, with the c.

And that’s not the only way to spell Schelley. You can drop the c (Shelley). You can drop the e (Shelly, Schelly). You can even drop the ey and use ie (Shellie, Schellie). Or you can drop the S (Chelly, Chelley, Chellie, Chelle). No wonder the confusion!

But wait … that’s not even my real name! Huh?

Schelley is just my nickname for Michelle (that’s where the “c” comes from); neither of my parents ever called me “Michelle.” I used to joke that when I answered the phone and the other person asked for “Michelle,” I knew it was a telemarketer. If you call me “Michelle,” you don’t know me. Because I’m really Schelley.

“So, mom,” I asked a long, long time ago, “why did you name me Michelle but always call me Schelley?”

“Well,” mom replied, “I loved the name Michelle, but it was too popular when you were born, so I just called you Schelley.”

I’m so glad she did. I’m really not a Michelle, that’s just an official name on my marriage license, mortgage deed, driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, paycheck, etc., you know, all those important papers. The paper trail in the financial and legal world knows me as Michelle. But to the rest of the world, I’m really a Schelley.

With a c. And an e.

You know what’s really funny? My middle name is “Mari.” No, it’s not pronounced as Mary, as I’ve had to explain numerous times, it’s pronounced just like Marie (but without the e).

But you can just call me Schelley.


This was today’s daily prompt. Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

You can join, too!

8 thoughts on “Say Your Name: Schelley”

  1. First of all: thanks for the like of my selfportrait!
    /and I understand the spelling problems.
    My name seems to be Jeroen, which is the dutch equivalent of Jerome or Jeromy/Jeremy. And I say ‘seems’ because it’s only my given name. My parents wanted it to be my name, but my parents were Roman Catholics. And in the days that I was born (i just passed 50) it was customary that you were named after saints, in full Latin and Greek. And here the fun begins. Because Jeroen (and all the equivalents in the various languages like Jerome, Jeronimo, Geronimo etc) is derived from Hiëronymus. In the dutch language area with the diaeresis, because ‘ie’ without is a vowel pronounced as ‘ee’ in English. I can tell you, I cause civil servants and the likes to have terrible headaches when I spell it. Usually I have to repeat it three or for times. And that’s only the first of my 3 Christian names….

    Greetings from Nijmegen, the Netherlands
    Jeroen (Hiëronymus Johannes Theophane 🙂 ) Mank


  2. I know this feeling. I’m Polish living in the U.S for over 3 years now. My name is very simple Anna but In everyday life I use Ania with an i and everyone spells it with y which kinda drives me crazy. And trying to explane my friends why my name on my ID is spelled Anna not Ania takes so much time.


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