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Day 150 – The Shag Pile Rake

Old age and the passage of time teach all things. – Sophocles

Maybe that’s why I feel so “wise” today? I’m surely feeling something … 😉

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 149)

In between moans of pain from my yanked tooth, I managed to locate a subject to photograph for yesterday’s picture. Yay me, a pat on my back for being so dedicated to meeting my daily posts! I was quite pleased with the outcome, even though the identity wasn’t such a mystery. At least there was some guessing! And even a story!

The first guess was “zipper ? No, dont think so, maybe a comb, like a hair brush ?” I replied “stick with your gut instinct” because I had already seen that the second guess was “a zipper.” Yes indeed, ding ding ding, what you saw was part of a zipper.


But Terry’s story about this subject was quite imaginative, and I can definitely see the sense of that shag pile rake. Enjoy!

The Shag Pile Rake

Back in the late 1970s everyone who was anyone had shag pile carpet. One of our rooms still does. Bright red.
The problem with shag pile is that it gets flat and matted so someone came up with the idea of a shag pile rake. I remember seeing people wandering around with them at a Homes Exhibition. After the fifth person went by carrying one I just had to ask. Every home Exhibition has a gimmic item to sell or give away; that year it was shag pile rakes.
No one knows who thought of the idea but I do know that it broke someone’s heart.
Wyatt Muenkel worked in the carpet industry and he saw the shag pile trend coming. He came up with the idea for a fine toothed comb attached to a pole. The invention would keep shag pile carpets looking good and hopefully make him a fortune.
Before he could market his idea his employer found out what he was working on and claimed it under the terms of his contract. To make matters worse his employer sold the idea to a huge oil company that buried the idea along with the electric car and the technology to extract hydrogen from water.
The shag pile rage came and went but Wyatt’s heart was permanently broken.

8 thoughts on “Day 150 – The Shag Pile Rake”

  1. As Terry just commented, this picture reminds me of a venetian blind, and I know venetians!
    Let me explain:
    When I was a naive 14 year old the world was a place full of infinite possibilities and man had yet to walk on the moon. But I just knew science had all the answers.
    One afternoon while sitting next to my step mum in the front of our car I saw an unusual sign on the back of the van in front of us.
    “Wow!” I exclaimed. “There is no end to what medical science can achieve these days! Think how many people will benefit from this!”
    “Is the driver wearing special glasses ?” I wondered out loud.
    But he turned off around a corner as I peered towards his vehicle, trying to get a glimpse of this lucky man. My exhilaration subsided somewhat as I read the other sign on the side of his van:
    Venetian Blind Repairman
    My step mum could barely contain her giggles as we headed home and I writhed in embarrassment. I knew she was thinking: “too much imagination, too naive…dont believe everything you read, girl.”
    A deep breath, someone will do this one day.
    Never dampened for too long by harsh reality, I spent the rest of the trip expanding on the possibilities of sonar glasses for the visually impaired, and other inventions.
    It wasn’t that far fetched, was it?

    Mrs Spider


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