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Did you know that giraffes all have different patterns? Just like our human thumb prints, no two giraffes have the same markings!


6 thoughts on “Giraffes”

  1. I think all animals with patterns are each slightly different than the other. All creatures are unique, even if we can’t always see it (unless we look very carefully). Have you noticed that giraffes have the LONGEST eyelashes? They look so sweet and flirty.


    1. You are so correct that all creatures are unique. But no, I hadn’t noticed the giraffe’s eyelashes but will now look! I did know owl’s eyelashes are quite long, too (I even posted a picture here on the blog). 🙂


  2. The same with zebras – all foals have to spend the first days of their lives learning to recognise the pattern of their mother from the back. Nice photos Schelley.


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