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Day 158 – Flaming Fire

Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. – Khalil Gibran

The process of posting these pictures has become a routine that I look forward to each day (well, except when I have a throbbing tooth or such). A few weeks ago I would have said that I was running out of ideas for these daily mystery macro pics; but lately I’ve discovered that I can look at anything and see it in a new way. I guess this perspective thing is working!

I’m excited about today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture because it looks nothing like the original (color wise). I had fun playing with Adobe Lightroom to change the exposure, tint, saturation, etc. and the result is below. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 157)

Sadly, there are no guesses to report for yesterday’s picture; however, Terry did manage to squeeze in a story for Day 156’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture, which I will share … after I reveal the identity of yesterday’s subject. So what was it? Would you believe I’d post the same type of image twice in a row? Actually, three now that I think of it. Yes, what you saw was part of another light fixture at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This looked like fire to me.


So now for Terry’s story!

Day 156 – The Memory Wire


As it turned out, it was all about memory.

Chadwick Kirchmeier had spent a large portion of his long life fiddling about with stuff.
At least that’s how his wife Veronica described it.
They were both a bit forgetful but not so much that it caused problems.

They were not what other people would consider old but they knew that life does not go on forever, at least not in these corporial bodies, and Chadwick wondered what might happen if one of both of them began to drift off into that unkind darkness.

He was determined to gather all their memories together so that those who came after them would know who they had been, who they loved and who loved them.
Neither of them could write well let alone type, and the idea of talking into one of those damn machines had little appeal, so Chadwick did what he had always done since they had been together; he improvised.

For a long time he had known that the long metal fibers that can be found in certain wire brushes behave strangely if you heat them ever so slightly.
They become a kind of ‘memory wire’ and they absorb the knowledge from whatever you put close to them. As far as he could tell the wire held that knowledge no matter what you did to it. So long as it remained intact, the knowledge remained intact, and even rust did not seem to diminish it.

To retrieve the knowledge or memory it contained you simply stood close to it and remained very still. The memory would flash into your mind and stay there until you began to move.

Most of the strands contained shared memories and they recorded them standing side by side because this is how they had been for most of their lives.

When all the recordings were finished Chadwick and Veronica bundled them all together and put them in a cupboard in their kitchen.

As their friends came to visit them over their remaining years they seemed drawn to this room and always remarked on how warm it was, even in the Winter.

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