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Day 161 – Patience, Persistence and Perspiration

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. – Napoleon Hill

I think I have mastered the persistence and perspiration bit, but this patience factor gets me every time, meaning I have little (or sometimes none). I’ve always attributed that to me having a tightly-wound Type A personality, which I’m trying to lessen those strings. “Trying” being the key word here. But hey, considering I’ve attended to this blog for 161 days so far – and have no intention on giving up – I guess I’ve got a tiny wee bit of patience. Baby steps, right?

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is a photo I took some months ago, but had a new look at it. After some photo manipulation (color, saturation, etc.) I am very, very pleased with the results. What does it look like to you?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 160)

Well, it wasn’t that hard to guess since Glenn (over on Facebook land) guessed it right away: vines on ironwork. Actually, those vines that you saw were part of the ironwork, too. This was a picture of a huge (and I mean humongous) window. (Yes, taken at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, there was no shortage of picture opportunities.)

But what makes a picture even better? A good story to go with it, and Terry, our fellow blogger and writer, has composed another wonderful story. Enjoy!


Vines of Persistence

It took every cent they had to buy that little house.
It needed a lot of work but most of it would have to wait as they were seriously broke.
They struggled along on canned soup and vegetables from the kind older couple who lived next door and with Michael taking a second job they slowly started to get ahead.
Sarah had a lot of plans for the house, as girls tend to do. Michael used to tease her and say that she was making a nest.
As time went by and some of the more important jobs were completed Sarah worked her way up the list to the front verandah.
She wanted Michael to build a trellis so that she could grow Wisteria.
They designed it together and Michael did his customary workmanlike job.
The Wisteria needed to be pruned each year or it would grow wild and spoil the beautiful effect.
Of all the improvements they had made to their little house, this was Sarah’s favourite.

Kudos to Terry for his storytelling talents! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Day 161 – Patience, Persistence and Perspiration”

  1. your admision that you manipulated the picture makes me think that it is an LP record. You know, an old black vinyl one (I remember those. Still have a box full of them. I’m getting old 😦 )


  2. They didn’t hear the warnings so they never knew what hit them.
    They had been together for nearly four years and living by the sea was something they had to do.
    Their sanity depended on it.
    They both found it hard to hold down a job and consequently their existence was tenuous.
    They didn’t care; they had each other. When things got bad and the voices were loud they would look out for each other until it passed; and it always passed, even though, at times it seemed like it might not.
    They were lying in each other’s arms when the wave hit; washed away, never to be found.
    Apart from a few friends there was no one to mourn their passing. They were just two more names on a frighteningly long list.


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