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Day 163 – Ever Changing Change

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. – Stephen Hawking

Change, change, change. The cycle of life is ever changing. Everything changes, including perspectives; once you look at something differently, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture was quite challenging, but fun, to photograph and then manipulate. Can you tell? Do you know?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 162)

Did you see the eye and face in yesterday’s picture? That’s what it looked like to me. The image you saw was quite different from the original and because of the color/negative changes, that eye and face suddenly appeared. (A mask-like type face.)

But apparently, Girish saw right through that facade and guessed the inside of a flower. Ding ding ding, that was close enough! What you saw was three separate flower petals from a Lily, originally pink and white in color. And I certainly appreciated a different comment, “No idea what it is, but I like it anyhow.” I’m so glad you like my funky pictures!


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