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Dreamy Florals


A little pretty for today. It’s gotten so hot in Tallahassee, Florida (high 90s Fahrenheit), that my photography is limited to late evening hours … but that’s when the light is best anyway!

4 thoughts on “Dreamy Florals”

    1. You’ll have to tell me when you’re here so maybe we can meet in person! Okay, as far as photo opportunities, you definitely want to go to Wakulla Springs, St. Marks, and the Tallahassee Museum (that’s where my beloved Florida Panthers and other animals live). There’s also a zipline/adventure course at the Tally Museum. Food, you’ll want to eat at Barnaby’s Pizza, unlike any other you’ve had, Vertigo Burgers & Fries, and the Wharf Express (seafood), all local restaurants. Tell me some of your other interests so I can make suggestions. And I’m warning you: you’re coming here during our hottest and most humid weather! But considering I’ve survived it for way too many years, you’ll survive, too. 😉


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