Day 168 – The Well of Inspiration

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ― Pablo Picasso

A friend posted this quote today and I thought, “how true!” If inspiration found me while I’m doing nothing, well, I’d be one lazy bum. It’s often while I’m in the midst of doing something that my greatest ideas take form. Thank goodness for the well of inspiration, you just have to plunge the bucket into its depths.

Today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is ready for your guessing pleasure. What does it look like to you? Share your perspective!

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 167)

Here I thought I had a good mystery picture, that it might take more than one guess, but no, I was quite incorrect – not only about how many guesses it would take – but even the true name of the mystery subject! When the first guess was “Diamond plate? That’s my final answer… diamond plate.” (Which, by the way, I love that “final answer” bit!)  I responded that no, it wasn’t diamond plate. Then the second guess came in, “Looks like checker plate steel…used for trays of trucks, trailers etc.” I asked my dear hubby if that’s what the subject’s name was. He replied, “Yes, that or diamond plate.” Oops! So I quickly confirmed that we had two winners ringing the ding-ding-ding winning bell! 

In case any of you are wondering what the heck is diamond plate, it has nothing to do with the gemstone, it’s a metal covering around trucks, trailers, etc.; in this case, what you saw is the diamond plate around my hubby’s “Droid Transport” trailer (for his hand-built R2D2).



11 thoughts on “Day 168 – The Well of Inspiration

          1. Mhhhm:) Your 365 project is so cool because it highlights the hidden beauty in the all the little things that slip our eyes if we don’t pay attention to it. It’s such a fun and creative idea keep up the great work!


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