Majestic Elephant

My fourth post on the WildlifeHub blog. Check it out! Lots of great photos and knowledge on this blog. 🙂



Elephants are one of my favorite animals; for something to be so big and massive yet be so graceful and majestic, is to be admired.

Did you know that elephants (pachyderm) are the largest land-living mammal in the world? There are actually two types of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant. Elephants use their tusks for digging and finding food. Both female and male African elephants sport tusks; however, only the male Asian elephants have tusks. Elephants also use their tusks to dig for ground water; an adult elephant needs to drink about 55 gallons (210 litres) of water per day!

The elephant’s large, thin ears are not only beautiful, but they also regulate its temperature. Blood is circulated through their ears to cool them down in hot climates. An elephant’s trunk can sense the size, shape, and temperature of an object. The elephant uses its trunk…

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