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Study of Stamens



These vibrant purple flowers have the most interesting stamens, notice the detail! WOW!聽(Five pictures)

11 thoughts on “Study of Stamens”

  1. Thanks for loving them! The interior of a flower has a fascinating diversity. I told many photo-stories about the stamens of the clivia miniata, the nasturtium, geranium, the morning glory, the hosta, clematis and some others. Most complicated scenes are being played by the stamens of the nasturtium.


  2. The comment with links is cut away, so if you want, google for
    “niedbale wbita palisada” – for the nasturtium,
    “i luminescencj膮 s艂upk贸w” – you’ll find the most complicated stamen construction of the tradescantia andersoniana


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