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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh


This challenge wasn’t easy! But I finally decided on these two pictures of flowers, both taken in Ireland. Oh, the beautiful colors there! (Two pictures)

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh”

  1. You can’t beat fresh flowers – love the petunias in the window box. Saying that I am going with fresh fruit and veg – I needed an excuse to post my market photos 😉

    Check them out tomorrow – I’m on a tilt tonight 🙂
    Jude xx


  2. I’ve heard that the lighting in Ireland is unique, you won’t see anything equal to it anywhere else. Maybe that is why the colors in Ireland seem be unique also! I don’t live there, but I often wish I did…the remote areas appeal to me…


    1. Indeed it is quite unique in Ireland. Mostly cloudy makes for great pictures, and the greens, so many hues, tints, and colors of green … it truly is magnificent. I’ve never had the urge so bad to travel to Ireland again. 😉


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