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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

These stained glass windows are true masterpieces, and adorn the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Galway, Ireland. I was just awed by the perfection of these windows, the colors are so vibrant after so many centuries, and literally “lit up” my soul. The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas is the largest medieval parish church in Ireland.  The church sits right in the middle of the medieval center of Galway city. It is dedicated to St Nicholas of Myra, patron saint of children (Santa Claus) and of mariners. The church was finished by 1320, but there is disagreement about when it was started.

The oldest inhabitant of the church is Adam Bures, whose grave marker dates from the 13th century and is known as the “Crusader.” The most famous visitor is probably Christopher Columbus, who prayed there during a visit to Galway in 1477. Unfortunately, the Cromwellian troops used the church as a stable for their horses after the siege of Galway in 1652; they are blamed for the headless and handless state of most of the carved figures inside the church.

Another beautiful masterpiece in this church is the floor, which is all Connemara marble. I was so privileged to see and tour this beautiful cathedral.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece”

  1. Oh Schelley, you beat me to it! I too have a selection of stained glass windows going up tomorrow, but they are from England so different to yours. I do not have a religious bone in my body, but I love the history and architecture of churches and cathedrals and stained glass windows. Yours are very nice 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jude! I’ve noticed another entry with stained glass windows, too, but each is unique. Look forward to seeing yours!

      I, too, am not religious, but I am enthralled with the architecture, history, and beauty of old churches and cathedrals. Ireland, of course, had many.


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