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Dream Week | Two


I am so delighted to stumble upon this photo challenge by Snapshooter! I love dreamy photos. This image is of a weed, but it’s a beautiful dreamy weed!

8 thoughts on “Dream Week | Two”

  1. awesome photo schelley! i wonder how you made the photo dreamy.. i would love to join in the challenge but i really don’t know how to make a dreamy shot.. is there a particular setting on the camera? i only use a regular canon slr or my android to take photos.. i’m such a newbie!


    1. Thank you! Well, first of all, you want a narrow depth of field so you can have a nice blurry background (f1.8 – f4). Then, just about any photo editing program (or Android app), should have a “soft focus” or “clarity” setting, which is where you can add that soft focus feel to it. There are also soft focus filters you can put directly on your lens. Today’s dreamy photo was one that was dreamy to start off with, no filter, but I did lessen the clarity using Adobe Lightroom, which is the same as “soft focus.” I hope this helps! Just play around and see what works. I’ve got lots of apps on my iPhone/iPad that do the same thing so you should be able to find some for your Android. Good luck! Look forward to seeing your dreamy shots. 🙂


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