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Altered Perspectives: From Color to Black and White

A Changed Perspective: Black and White

ireland (38)

By removing the color from this image, the flower petals suddenly morph into something almost abstract to me.

The Color Version: The First Perspective


Here’s the original image of these flowers. Although I do love their vibrant color, I do prefer the black and white perspective.

What about you?

13 thoughts on “Altered Perspectives: From Color to Black and White”

  1. I think the b&w works better. The out of focus parts of the picture in the color version, to me, makes the picture unacceptable. In the b&w version the out of focus area becomes abstract. The highlighted area of the flower in the colored version is almost blown out but in the b&w they become black. This may be an interesting challenge to take those out of focus colored photo I’ve taken, many, and convert them to b&w. Thank you for generating the idea.


      1. There are some already on my blog but I’ve never seem to get black enough photos without loosing detail and contrast. I’m going to have do some more research on the best way to convert color to black and white.


          1. I’ve heard good things about Lightroom. A number of people in the photo club I belong to use it. I’ve been using Photoshop CS6. It has been a slow process in learning it but my determination is steadfast. However, thanks for the suggestion.


    1. Thanks, Joe! Yes, I am familiar with your photos, you’ve found both people and landscape/architecture photos work great in black and white. I was blown away by the conversion of my flower picture to b/w, so superior to the color version. But I never realized how b/w could work so well in the floral world. So now I’m experimenting, which is always fun. Hope you have a great day, too! 😀


  2. I’ve been enjoying your b & w photo’s 🙂 You’re right, the filter makes the image look A WHOLE BUNCH LOADS different 😀 Who knew colour can affect our perception of something so intensely? The flowers look like they’re made of copper or something in the first picture, it’s neat. Keep having fun lady ❤ ❤ ❤


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