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Day 246/365

Adults are obsolete children.  – Dr. Seuss

I’ve decided to continue the “who is it? round we started yesterday. That image was just a portion of this widely-known fictional famous character. Today’s “what is it?!?” picture is another portion of this one-of-several clan. Because the mystery subject, which the image appears on, has not been identified, triple points if you can figure it out! Can you tell? Do you know? Who is it?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 246)

Was it a pattern of a Coach branded bag? Not that. Couch or throw pillow? Not that either. Close-up pattern of a bath carpet or door mat? Neither one of those. A tennis ball? Nor a tennis ball. So what was it?

You’ll have to come back tomorrow! That’s because we’re still playing the “who is it?!?” game tonight, where I’ve revealed even more of this cute character. Tell me who it is and triple points if you can figure out “what is it?!?” that this image is on!


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