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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Diamond

Meet Diamond, our sweet little baby girl. (Insert sound of screeching record here) Actually, she can be a sweet angel, she usually sleeps in the crook of my knees, she even helps out with my documentation work sometimes (yes, she even knows how to pull up online help). But … while she can be utterly endearing (she loves her head scratched so much she drools), at no moments notice, she becomes El Gato Diablo, the devil cat. Full of hisses and swipes, she’s telling you “enough!” Or, sometimes she becomes “Diamondsaurus” when she hangs out with T-Rex and her other dinosaur buddies. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Diamond”

  1. she’s a lovely girl – what breed? We had a grey cat, just a moggie, called Pepper – lived to 21 and still looked like a kitten, a very sweet temperament. Her mother (a tortie) was like your Diamond, she’d be lapping up the scratching then suddenly her teeth and claws would sink into your flesh! Ouch!
    Jude xx


    1. We think she might be a Russian Blue, as a coworker’s husband found her out in the middle of the woods (his hunting grounds), and we suspect she was probably dumped by a breeder. It was another friend who said, “you’ve got a Russian Blue!” so I did some research and if the cat has any white spots, they’re considered “imperfect.” (This is why a breeder would do this, which is despicable!) So this adorably cute cat has two white spots, the diamond on her chest (thus, her name), and one on her belly. Somehow she found us, which all of our cats have done. She really is the most gorgeous cat, her fur looks like the tips have all been dipped in silver paint. But like yours, she decides to attack on a whim! One thing is she is FULL of personality. 😀


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