Day 267/365 – The Experiment

You’ve got to experiment to figure out what works. – Andrew Weil

If you think today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture looks familiar, you’re correct. It is indeed the same subject as yesterday; but there’s a reason. After taking photographs of the mystery subject, I ended up with several images that appealed to me, some in color, some in black and white. I pondered if the absence of color would disguise/hide the object’s identity. Because the subject was not identified , I thought I’d post one of the color versions to see if my theory was correct: that the black and white image became a true mystery.

So here’s a color version of the mystery “what is it?!?” picture. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 266)

Is it a lit decorative candle? Not a candle. “… is it made of glass? It looks like a tortoiseshell pattern, so maybe a glass vase or bowl?” Not glass either. “A close up of a strawberry ice cream pie. :-)
Maybe I see what I desire!” Mmmmmm, strawberry pie. But not that. Is it edible? Not edible. A cross section of a cactus? Not a cactus.

So what was it? Since today’s picture is the same subject as yesterday’s picture, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow when I finally reveal the mystery identity! We’ll see if my theory is correct that the black and white image hid the identity. 🙂



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