Lizard Leaf

Found this cute little lizard hanging out in a leaf. I believe it is a Green Anole, a common lizard here in North Florida. (Five pictures)


17 thoughts on “Lizard Leaf

            1. There you go!
              Now you have put us both out of our misery and we are a bit more knowledgeable than we were ten minutes ago! 🙂
              I love learning new matter how seemingly inconsequential.

              A Green Anole. I shall remember it.
              Thanks, Schelley. That was a bit of fun.


            2. We are a lot alike then, as I love learning new things, too. I call myself a “lifelong learner,” if I could afford it, I’d go back to school, art school this time around.
              Thanks for spurring me to discover our new tidbit for the day! Maybe I’ll figure out what my spiders are, too. 😉


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