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Day 326/365 – Instant Vacation

Laughter is an instant vacation. – Milton Berle

Don’t we all need an instant vacation? I’d like a real one, too. 🙂 But in the meantime, today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture is ready for your guessing pleasure. Can you tell? Do you know?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 325)

I’ve got lots of trinkets and “pretties” that I’ve collected, so I’ve started taking a closer look at some of them, one of which was yesterday’s mystery picture. This subject has such intricacy that I am just amazed at the artistry. Brenda said, “Hmm, looks like beads. Some sort of decoration?” Not beads, but it is decorative. “Do I have to guess what it’s on? A purse? A dress? A pillow? The snow queen’s dress? She really wants to hang with you!” Well, since you’ve guessed most of it (decorative), I can’t expect you to know what it’s on. Ding ding ding! But here’s a chance for a double ding ding ding. There’s a clue in the picture. “Don’t know what the clue is, except maybe the color orange. Is it a costume of a plant? A hat? A coat? A big fat goat? A chair, a bear? Your daughter’s hair? Okay, I’m getting slap happy. Time for ZZZZs. If you please. :-) Very clever, Brenda, very clever. Y. Prior asked, “Is it a decorative toss pillow?” Not a decorative toss pillow. Mic said, “Looks like a tiger something.” It is indeed a feline. Ding ding ding!

So yes, what you saw was part of the decorative detail on a hand-carved and hand-decorated cat. Do you see the little cat paw prints in the image?

2013_11_21_9999_5-2 2013_11_21_9999_23-2

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