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Day 329/365 – You Can’t Fool a Second Grader

Life is too short not to experiment. – Jamelia

I learned something today: you cannot fool a second grader. Remember that yesterday’s mystery picture was taken in the second grade classroom, and today I showed the picture to the class. So guess what … not only did these kids know exactly what the subject was, they knew exactly where it was. I proceeded to show them previous “what is it?!?” pictures, and they correctly guessed a large majority of those, too … even the cat picture! (One of the kids noticed that paw print right away.) I found it very enlightening that these younger minds see things that we adults do not (well, at least not as easily). Before I divulge the identity of that mystery subject, let’s get to today’s mystery “what is it?!?” picture, which is ready for your guessing pleasure. Can you tell? Do you know?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 328)

C-Through The Lens guessed, “Painted fish scales?” Not painted fish scales. Susan thought, “It does look like scales…but is it the middle of a sunflower?” Not the middle of a sunflower. I should have told both of you that you were close! Gail asked, “bee honey?” not bee honey. Kan’s perspective, “Textured upholstery?” Not textured upholstery. Brenda mused, “Looks painted again. And a little like artichoke leaves, but orange.” Alas, not artichoke leaves, but that’s an interesting perspective. 😉 “Is it on a canvas?” Brenda asked. Not on canvas, but … on something else … “Cloth? It looked woven…” It’s not cloth but it is woven. “Tricky! No idea”

So what was it? Those second graders knew – and enthusiastically guessed (in unison), “Snake scales!” “From that book!” One of the boys runs off to the corner by the lamp and grabs the book, “Here it is!” 😀

Yes, what you saw were snake scales, or rather a picture of snakes on a book cover (paper, which is the woven part).

P.S. Brenda gets an honorary ding ding for guessing that it’s woven. 😉


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