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Day 350/365 – Touching History

Time is my greatest enemy. – Evita Peron

We are down to the final 15 days of my 365-day project and time seems like it is speeding by. Time is indeed my greatest enemy, I never have enough. Or I take too much time. Time time time! Speaking of such, it’s time for your daily mystery “what is it?!?” picture, now ready for your guessing pleasure.  Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Yesterday’s Picture (Day 349)

Yesterday’s mystery subject has a story, but first we’ll go through everyone’s guesses. Kim guessed, “A leaf?” Not a leaf. Katie asked, “Cookie?” Not a cookie. Phantomvogel3 guessed, “Dead leaf from an oak or a rose?” Not a dead leaf from an oak or a rose. Kim’s second guess, “A potato chip? lol” Not a potato chip. Brenda guessed, “Pita bread?” Not pita bread either. “Is it food?” Not food. Y. Prior mused, “well if it is food, I would say it looks just like something my husband made earlier when he cooked up some crispy potatoes (and eggs and some beans to make his version of huevos) and well, the crispy thin layer of potato looks like your picture – I know it is a long shot….but…. well… hmmm” Funny, I just made crispy potatoes the other night, too! And I even thought about taking a picture. But I didn’t. Cee mused, “Brown paper bag?” Not a brown paper bag. And then Mic came along and said, “My first impression?… an old flint arrowhead” DING DING DING! Yes, indeed, this is an old flint arrowhead. We continued to have a conversation about arrowheads and their historical value, how just touching one makes you think of the Indian who handcrafted this artifact. Mic wrote a beautiful blog post about this very subject.

My grandfather found many arrowheads and other Native American artifacts during his lifetime, both in Oklahoma and later, Mississippi, where he discovered many arrowheads all over their farm land. My grandfather’s family is Cherokee, and over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered where my ancestors lived before being forced by Andrew Jackson’s troops to move to Oklahoma. My son just finished a history project about Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act; he asked me to take a picture of one of our arrowheads to use on his project board. So I picked out several and while holding them, I thought of the people who created these. Perhaps one of them was an ancestor of mine. How long did it take to make? How did it end up where it was? How long did it sit there before being discovered? So many questions. I can touch this arrowhead and feel the history.


3 thoughts on “Day 350/365 – Touching History”

  1. day 250 – it looks like black tar – and like the potholes we saw in Buffalo last month. lol

    oh, and side note – pretty cool that you also made some fried potatoes recently – we are trying to eat more spuds because of their nutritional value (although they are often looks down upon by many – and gosh, they are so much more than just “french fries” – and hubby actually crisped up some mashed potatoes, which came out great). anyhow, we did not get a picture either, but we have taken some nice food pics this month – and that is always a fun subject.

    oh, and your macro monday picture – well is that a recent flower picture? If so , I am so jealous that you have fresh flowers in December!!!


    1. First, not black tar … but the image of potholes made me chuckle. 😉

      Sounds like hubby made potato pancakes. Mmmmmmm! Try breading in panko bread crumbs to get a really crisp outside. I love, love, love to cook. And eat.

      My Macro Monday picture is not recent, no such pretty flowers here in December. I took that in Ireland in July of 2010. And I take that back about not having any flowers. Mother Nature can’t make up her mind here in Tallahassee, so we’ve had a freeze and then back into 80 degree (F) temperatures. My azaleas are in bloom and that shouldn’t happen for months! sigh


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