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Macro Monday | 12-30-13


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23 thoughts on “Macro Monday | 12-30-13”

      1. Wow, year round flowers. My mind boggles. We have lots of bushes that go brown and look half dead this time of year, but the only thing in bloom is the imagination. 🙂 Happy New Year! Brenda


          1. Hmm. You probably have big bugs, gators and allergens galore, so I refuse to envy you. But flowers year round, that gives me pause. 🙂 Take care, you Tallahassie Lassie! Brenda


            1. Brenda, you are correct. We have mosquitoes hungry enough to suck all your blood and carry you away. They personally LOVE me. I hate them! And the gators, we’ve got plenty of those, too, but they won’t bother you if you don’t get too close. That’s my one irrational fear, that if I swim in our lakes and rivers those beasts will eat me! But Florida really is a big diverse area and I love it! Let me know if you’re ever around, this Tallahassee Lassie will give you the grand tour. 🙂


            2. I’ll be in Orlando with the kiddies in February getting dragged around Disney, unless someone gets a puking virus. LOL We’re doubling our vitamins. That’s not very close to you, though, I think. I’ll have to bring bug goo. And my camera for all the flowers.


            3. Make sure you go to Epcot, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of their landscaping, lots of photo opportunities! You’re actually going at a great time, not too hot, and not so crowded. But rest assured, Magic Kingdom will be packed, so just be aware. If you can, get the park hopping tickets, that way you can do multiple parks in one day. Have a great time!


            4. They’re all easy to get to with their monorail system or the ferries. If you’re staying on Disney property, there are free shuttles to and from the parks. Definitely worth not having to worry about parking!
              Epcot is great to do at night, especially for dinner. Wear sneakers, your feet are going to bark at night. 😉


            5. Thanks, I will try to remember. I’m staying at a resort not far from Disney. I don’t know if there’s a shuttle. Good advice, thanks!


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