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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


The beautiful detail in this very old wrought iron gate object caught my eye while in Dublin, Ireland. You don’t see many works of arts like these being made in current times (I’m sure this was handmade and not machine produced).

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Visions of a Sunny Yellow


With all of this wintry weather happening, I figured I’d share a photograph that conveys warmth. Stay warm!

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Back of Things

Cee’s black-and-white photography challenge this time is the back of things, which I love, because we often overlook the interesting things behind. My four back of things include the back of tree leaves, a daisy, my two favorite guys (and their reflections) in Dublin, Ireland, and the back of the Saturn rocket at NASA in Titusville, Florida. That rocket is so huge there wasn’t any way to get the full back without having a lens such as 10mm!

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Bamboo Icicles

So it’s not every day that we get freezing conditions in Tallahassee, Florida, but it does happen. Check out my tropical bamboo draped in icicles. They are finally dripping today but gave me some great photos!

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Juxtaposition: Take Two


It’s not every day you get to see snow or ice in Northern Florida. Talk about a photo that screams, “Juxtaposition!” Icicles against the Florida license plate, go figure! It’s actually a snow day here in Tallahassee, of course, most of what we’ve seen is that cold, nasty frozen stuff, and no flakes! (insert sniffs of sadness here)

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Wordless Wednesday | 1-29-14


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A Word a Week Challenge: Undulate


Undulate: to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternation of movement. In this case, a jellyfish provides a visual definition of undulate. 🙂

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The Heron

20140118_0089 20140118_0088

I was so delighted that this Heron decided to make an appearance on Wakulla Springs the other weekend. (Two pictures)

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What Is It?!? – Week 4/52

One eye sees, the other feels. – Paul Klee

The following “what is it?!?” weekly picture, the fourth for this year, is now ready for your guessing pleasure. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Last Week’s Picture (Week 3/52)

Last week’s picture proved to be quite a mystery. Jude commented, “This looks like a rock pool with plants and foliage!” Alas, not a rock pool with plants or foliage. Preeti asked, “a close up of some baubles inside an aquarium perhaps…” Not baubles in an aquarium, but you are correct that the mystery subject is in water. “I am thinking an aquarium type of something as well….” Yvette said. Preeti’s other guess, “A vegetable being washed in a bowl of water is it?” Not a vegetable. makeupqueenqd mused, “A bugs legs in water?” Not bugs legs either.

Over in Facebook land, the guesses just wouldn’t stop, including stag beetle, bird, drawing, a bird in a nest, shrimp, narwhal, fish or snake, bird feather, “looks like some type of root system to me, like maybe of a green onion,” kelp, pebbles, roots, wetlands, Spongebob (LOL), praying mantis, crawfish, potatoes, soap suds, wet cat hair, wet fibers, root starter, fluoride, mildew, hair in the drainage … I finally gave two clues, “You would have a hard time finding this in Italy on vacation. You would love this on a hot summer day.” Sue finally guessed it, even though at first she thought, “but wait, I’m sure Italy has freezers!! baaahaaahaaaa”

So what in the heck was it?!? What you saw were ice cubes in water in high definition.


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Macro Monday | 1-27-14


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