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Juxtaposition: Take Two


It’s not every day you get to see snow or ice in Northern Florida. Talk about a photo that screams, “Juxtaposition!” Icicles against the Florida license plate, go figure! It’s actually a snow day here in Tallahassee, of course, most of what we’ve seen is that cold, nasty frozen stuff, and no flakes! (insert sniffs of sadness here)

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12 thoughts on “Juxtaposition: Take Two”

  1. Yes Schelley, quite chilly here in South Georgia also! I never realized you and I were lived so close…I’m not that quick sometimes! Stay warm and safe! Hugs


      1. I am on the coast in Brunswick…I was told there are flurries on one end of town right now, but I haven’t seen any yet. Some sleet last night, but thank goodness we didn’t lose power. I wish I had a fireplace! I had to make a back up plan in case I lose power. It’s all good. 🙂


  2. Good picture for the topic! I do remember a couple of other bad winters in northern Florida, memorable because of the serious crop damage that resulted and the jump in orange juice prices. This winter is a real doozy.


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