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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie


This is “moi,” starring as Nurse Ratchet for Halloween 2012; this devil woman is one of my favorite evil characters ever, from Ken Kesey’s book, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Note that I’ve got a somewhat wacky sense of humor, and I always try to find the levity in everything. In this case, you’ll notice a scar on my neck. Part of it is fresh and very real, as this is only two weeks after I had neck fusion surgery. I took a tube of lip gloss and made the scar reach across my neck to look like I’d been slashed with a knife (well, in reality I was). I joked that I smelled like strawberry blood. I also ordered a pair of white scrubs and sprayed red dye all over them to look like fake blood. The stethoscope is a real one, a present from my mom when I was just a “wee lass.” I made the RN badge – trust me, I am NOT a nurse! But I do “triage” documentation for a living. And I’ve also discovered since this selfie, that I love wearing scrubs. I just save this particular pair for Halloween time.

“It’s time for your pills!” (insert evil maniacal laugh here …)

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie”

    1. Ha ha, I do have fun! Who wants to be normal? Not me!
      I will tell you that after all of this effort I put into that particular outfit/Halloween, I was so wiped out (because of the recovery from surgery) that I had to go to bed shortly after I took this picture. I figured I’d use that scar to my advantage! But that’s what barking mad folks do, right? 😀
      P.S. I really do love that our paths crossed here in the virtual world. We do have a lot in common! (Even if you want to proclaim that you’re not as crazy as I am.) 😉


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