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Mr. Cardinal


Another visitor to our Bradford Pear tree, Mr. Cardinal. I just love his crown. (Two images)

6 thoughts on “Mr. Cardinal”

    1. Thank you, Douglas! The Cardinals are frequent fliers around here. The males are bright, rich red, and the females are brown. They normally fly around together, and love munching on the bird seed. The males tend to fight a lot, too. They sure are pretty. 🙂


      1. Don’t know if we get them down here in Johannesburg?

        I’ll have to have a squizz in my trusty bird book.

        We get the occasional Black Collared Barbet ( as opposed to the Crested which we get lots) which has a red head.
        I have been trying to encourage the Red Bishop to my garden for ages but to date no luck.
        I have a feeling they don’t like Cornflakes. 🙂

        Though we do get a wide variety of birds and I consider we are very fortunate in this regard.

        I have noted 38 different species so far and have photos of some of them.

        I have posted photos of a few birdies from time to time over on my Altered Ego’s blog, Arkenaten.

        These two should make you smile!


        1. You are correct, those photos did make me smile! I really haven’t paid that much attention to the birds around here until lately. I’m practicing for our trip to Costa Rica, which apparently has a plethora of wildlife. I love hearing about your birds and learning the species names. 🙂


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