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What Is It?!? – Week 9/52

Life must be lived as play. – Plato

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a “what is it?!?” post! So without further ado, here is your ninth weekly “what is it?!?” mystery picture, ready for your guessing pleasure. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? Last Week’s Picture (Week 8/52)

Jude mused, “Looks like golden shredded wheat all fused together, but I’m sure it isn’t that. Alternatively is it some kind of foam packaging material?” Not shredded what or foam packaging material. Interesting perspectives! Fabio pondered, “Schelley, it seems like a braided bread. I know it is not… “ Alas, not braided bread but I can see that! (Mmmmmmmm, bread.)  Sarah guessed, “Ginger? The spice that is!” Not ginger, the spice. (Nor Ginger, the woman!) Mic’s perspective, “My first impression was that it was a close-up of a coin. It looks like gold but is more likely brass…a decorative dish or sculpture?” Not brass, not a dish or sculpture, but yes, it does look like gold! But it’s not. So what was it?!? 

What you saw was a section of stained glass. 🙂


29 thoughts on “What Is It?!? – Week 9/52”

    1. I haven’t changed the color on this one, but I will say that it picked up the ambient lighting of my red walls. The subject itself is very close to its color. And glad you liked last week’s subject! I’m starting to photograph the first thing I look at after picking up the camera. After 374 mystery pictures, thinking of one isn’t as easy as you’d think!


      1. Awesome!! For the kids, anyway. I would rather have been laying on the beach in Barbados with someone named Sven applying my sunscreen. But don’t tell hubby. LOL Just kidding, Florida was beautiful. We lounged at the pool and my hubby bought a bottle of bubbly. 🙂 The kids all loved it.


    1. Hey, I do believe you guessed one immediately just two weeks ago, right?!? 😉 At this stage of the game (374 mystery pictures), I’m done “thinking” of what the subject will be and photograph the first thing I look at. Maybe I’m just getting better at the macro bit. Alas, I thank you for your kind words! 😀


      1. Well, yes, that’s true but for all the others I have been standing on my head trying for different perspective to figure out what they were/are! Maybe after 374 all the easy ones are used up.


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