Another Tweeter


(Two images) I don’t know the name of this bird, but he/she sure did have a beautiful call. Actually, lots of calls and clucks. Very interesting to listen to!


12 thoughts on “Another Tweeter

  1. Hello Schelley, I am not an expert, but it seems that the beautiful bird is a Blue Jay. What do you think? Thanks for the wonderful photos and for the way you present them! Bravo!!! 🙂


        1. Mid July, we will escape the awful heat and humidity here for a week in paradise. It’s been a dream trip of mine for years! We’ll be in the rain forest area, the Arenal volcano, and hot springs. My camera and I are sooooo excited! (hubby and son, too) 😉


          1. I will be looking forward to seeing the marvels through your eyes and lens! Happy for you! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for the excellent photos, writing, and for your generous and beautiful smile! Take care. 🙂


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