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What Is It?!? Week 16/52

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. – Abraham Lincoln

Just in time, your 16th weekly “what is it?!?” mystery picture now awaits your guessing pleasure. Do you know? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!? (Last Week’s Picture) – Week 15/52

Kay started the guessing game with, “Is it water? Like from a sprinkler?” Not water. Shahn mused, “I was thinking water as well. The side of a rock?” Not the side of a rock. Sébastien said, “Believe I took this shot myself…Looks like rock texture to me…” Alas, not a rock. Sarah asked, “The edge of textured materiel, like a coat sleeve cuff perhaps?” Not material.

So what was it?!?

If you live in the South, you’re well acquainted with this pesky yellow stuff. Yep, it’s pollen. In this case, a mound of pollen on my green Saturn Vue. It’s everywhere!


12 thoughts on “What Is It?!? Week 16/52”

  1. Schelley, let me try this one. It seems that you finally have heard our cries and put up something easier this week. Is it the back of a chair? If I am wrong, it will not be a surprise. Please bear with my ignorance… 🙂 PS: Despite my complaints, frankly, I love this part of your blog show. Bravissimo, Schelley!!! 🙂


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