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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


Letters, letters, letters. They are all around. In this image, I share my literal interpretation of “letters,” an old fashioned post office receptacle in Disney World. This represents that old (outdated?) way of communicating, actually writing something, putting it in an envelope, and mailing it. The art of letter writing is sadly disappearing in today’s society. I’m guilty. It’s just too easy to send an email, right?

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters”

  1. So true. I make an effort to send our parents a postcard when we are away (old fashioned but I like it), and I know it’s a surprise when they receive them. This pic is great – I love the colours, especially the hint of blue. 🙂


  2. Beautiful Schelley, love the colours. Hand written letters are a lost art I agree, but these days I’d be pleased never to get mail again! it’s all so much junk or bills, that need sorting & shredding. Email is so much easier & Eco friendly. 😀


    1. Thank you, Amanda! I have to agree, the amount of junk that comes in the mail is overwhelming. That’s part of our clutter problem, we never take the time daily to sort stuff out and THROW IT AWAY. Email is much more eco friendly, but there’s nothing like getting a handwritten letter, card, or postcard. I’m so guilty of doing none of that. 😦


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