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What Is It?!? Week 17/52

Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. – Henry David Thoreau

Oh, how I wish I had more time to go a-fishing. Don’t we all? Well, a day late, but here nonetheless, your 17th weekly “what is it?!?” mystery picture is finally ready for you to guess. What do you think it is? Can you tell?

What Is It?!?


What Was That?!!? (Last Week’s Picture) – Week 16/52

Fabio started the guessing game, “Schelley, let me try this one. It seems that you finally have heard our cries and put up something easier this week. Is it the back of a chair? If I am wrong, it will not be a surprise. Please bear with my ignorance…PS: Despite my complaints, frankly, I love this part of your blog show. Bravissimo, Schelley!!!” It almost pained me to say that this isn’t the back of a chair. But I’m so glad you enjoy these little challenges! And then isotel came along and figured it out. “I think it’s a … key?” Ding ding ding! Yep, it’s a key. Great guess! Sébastien even got it right. “This has to be definitely a metallic object..A cog or key?” Correct on two counts: metallic and a key. Double ding ding dings! Sarah said, “Well I never would have guessed it was pollen! I got this one, a key, but not quick enough” Triple ding ding dings!

So I guess that was an easy one, eh? Yes, what you saw was a key. A key that I found cleaning a drawer. A key to what? I have no idea. So even though the challenge was easy, the key truly is a “mystery’ subject! 😀


16 thoughts on “What Is It?!? Week 17/52”

  1. You are the best, Schelley! Now I can see the key! The guy here is not smart 🙂 but what a pleasure to play ‘What is It?’ Thanks so much! 🙂


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