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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!


Spring! The beginning of life anew, a fresh start, a blossom getting ready to burst into life. Pretty little wildflowers burst forth from the ground. Spring!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!”

  1. Spring! Boing

    We are heading into winter down here in SA.
    Duvets, long shirts, jerseys & even gloves for the morning jog will soon become de rigueur for many days over the next few months.
    Steaming breath, and steaming coffees on a chilly morning.


      1. It is still pleasant for now,especially during the day.
        I ought to post the photos I have of when it snowed a couple of years back!
        Anyway, I am going to be up all hours tonight looking out for the meteor shower. I am hoping to witness a good show in the wee small hours. I have just got to persuade the rest of the family to keep me company – and make hot soup!
        You can see it too ”Up North”.


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