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Fly By

Fly By Flowers

After missing the UPS delivery yesterday – BOO! – I received my new toy today, the Canon 70-300mm IS L – YAY! – and let me say, the lens is a tank. Wow. This is one of the first photographs I took, and happened to notice this “fly by,” and this particular fly was willing to pose. Me thinks I’ll be using my monopod with the tank of this lens! … and I’ll definitely be building upper body strength using it – it’s heavy! LOL I love it! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Fly By”

  1. Wow, Schelley! Congratulations! First photo is a blast – imagine when you are more familiar with the cannon – oops, Canon! The new equipment will give you more “leg room”, but the most important elements are in Schelley’s genes: audacity and equilibrium, attention to the detail and global vision, heart and mind at full speed! Thanks so much! What a pleasure to read and see your postings, and to write to you! If you want to know my perspective, I will tell you: Big smile in San Diego! 🙂


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