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Macro Tuesday | 07-29-14

Macro tropical flower

Well, it finally happened … I reached my upload limit here on and thus, couldn’t upload any pictures yesterday! So my usual “Macro Monday” picture has turned into a “Macro Tuesday” one. Yes, I purchased the 10 gig upgrade. So you’ll see me around here for just a bit longer! šŸ˜‰

This photograph was taken in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.



6 thoughts on “Macro Tuesday | 07-29-14”

  1. Well that should keep you going for a while šŸ™‚ How long have you been posting on here Schelley? Just wondering how long the default limit lasts given all the photos you (and me) put up. Mindst you I reduce mine to very small files.,


    1. I think that my very large files caused this issue, as I’ve only been posting since Jan 1, 2013. But I’ve also posted several galleries, too, which takes up a lot of space. I posted daily in 2013, and almost daily in 2014. I need to reduce my file size! You’re right, though, this should keep me going for awhile. šŸ™‚


      1. Reducing the file size is so time consuming though, which is why a lot of people don’t bother. I save all my photos for the web although not really small images otherwise they look awful. But always below 500kb if possible,


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