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Pura Vida!


Pura Vida! Costa Rica is one absolutely gorgeous country.

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Nature’s Canopy

palm canopy la paz

Just one reason I miss Costa Rica, the massive natural canopies! Pura Vida!

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Macro Monday | 08-18-14


Can you tell it was rainy when I photographed this beauty? That’s what happens during rainy season in Costa Rica.

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Wood Trek Find

2014_08_14_9999_74baby snake

(Two images) Look at the first image and see if you can spot what my son discovered in the woods. Although not the best pictures, I had to be quick. No time for framing!

Did you see it? The bottom image shows the tiny baby snake. I thought it was a worm at first until Ian said “look at the head!” Small as a leaf. Is it a Coral snake? Not sure. But wow, what a spot. Good one, Ian!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


A silhouette of my then 11-year old son, Ian, standing next to the entrance to the Museo Del Oro Precolomeino in San Jose, Costa Rica. This country’s museum has the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold artifacts. This was a most interesting place to visit, you would just not believe the craftsmanship – back in the days when there were no tools, only handmade ones. Some pieces were quite tiny, and others were huge. My son had no idea how much these priceless antiquities are worth. I literally had my jaw drop at the beauty. WOW.

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Wordless Wednesday | 8-13-14


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The Hungry Hummingbird

hummingbird 2014_07_14_9999_236

(Two images) “Mmmmm. Sweet nectar.”

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Near Super Moon


It’s a good thing I practiced taking photographs of the near Super Moon Saturday night (8/9), because the clouds and rain moved in last night. I hooked my camera body to my telescope … and thankfully had a moon filter … and this is the uncropped image. Wow, right?!? It was worth the massive mosquito bites. lol

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

texture fern

While the front of the fern leaf looks normal, the back looks like it has been sewed on! I discovered this quite unusual texture at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend, just in time for this week’s photo challenge.

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The Butterfly Curlicue


This butterfly with the cutest curlicue posed long enough for me to capture this image. Taken at La Paz Waterfall in Costa Rica.