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Near Super Moon


It’s a good thing I practiced taking photographs of the near Super Moon Saturday night (8/9), because the clouds and rain moved in last night. I hooked my camera body to my telescope … and thankfully had a moon filter … and this is the uncropped image. Wow, right?!? It was worth the massive mosquito bites. lol

7 thoughts on “Near Super Moon”

  1. GREAT, Schelley! Thanks for the smart and hard work! Take care, my friend! Hugs from Fort Myers. Traveling next to Philly and then back to San Diego on Saturday.


      1. Hi Schelley, It is for pleasure and also to take care of the home we have in F.M. Ze is with me and we are going to meet Lucas, our youngest, in Philly. He is a PhD candidate in comparative literature at U Penn. We are taking some pics, but not as great as the ones you share with us. Take care… Very hot here… Over ninety…:-)


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