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Wood Trek Find

2014_08_14_9999_74baby snake

(Two images) Look at the first image and see if you can spot what my son discovered in the woods. Although not the best pictures, I had to be quick. No time for framing!

Did you see it? The bottom image shows the tiny baby snake. I thought it was a worm at first until Ian said “look at the head!” Small as a leaf. Is it a Coral snake? Not sure. But wow, what a spot. Good one, Ian!

11 thoughts on “Wood Trek Find”

      1. Yes, long time since I found you in my reader. I follow too many people. And I don’t have nearly enough time to keep up with my reader. I bumble along, though. It’s like running into an old friend at the mall. I’m always happy to see them!! LOL


          1. Oh my. Surely your circumstances warrant a little zoloft and some pints of Ben and Jerry’s. I’ll send you some prayers. 🙂 Perhaps the woodland treks will keep you sane. Or perhaps you are made of sterner stuff and I. 😉


  1. Kids don’t miss a thing! Here’s a rhyme to Remember the coral snakes stripes since it’s poisonous. ..
    Red on yellow and you’re a dead fellow.
    Red on black, you’re alright Jack. 


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